Monday, December 10, 2007

Morning Warmups

So...every morning when I get to work I spend the first half hour warming up with some sort of quick painting. It's pretty much nessasary for me to start the day being that I ride a scooter to work most days and lately it's been about 35 degrees in the morning. So a little warm-up is a must to get my fingers moving. Sometimes they end at a half hour, and sometimes I work a little on one painting several mornings in a row. These are a few of them. The top pic is about a full week of mornings worth and the bottom pic is about 2 days; the middle image is a single half hour warmup. Enjoy!!!


Bill Ferguson said...

This are fantastic. Where in Texas do you work if you don't mind me asking. I live and do freelance in Houston.

Brandon Green said...

whats up bill. I live in Lubbock. It's about 2 hours south of Amarillo and I think I'm about 5 or 6 hours from Houston (I think. ...not too familiar with TX yet.) I don't know about you, but I'm not too fond of Texas. Lubbock, however, IS the home of Buddy Holly and the great super hero illustrator Alex Ross. So...what are you doin' in Houston? P.S. I think Steve Peirce is gearing up to move there too.

Bill Ferguson said...

No kidding Alex Ross lives in Lubbock, shit!!!! I am not a native Texan either but give it a chance. There are some nice qualities about Gorge Bush Land. I am doing freelance and just finished a children's book for a very small animation company in Houston, but I really want to head to the west coast to get my foot in the industry in the next 20 years hopefully.