Thursday, August 13, 2009

you do what ya gotta do

Hey all! Been busy busy busy...mostly at work. I haven't had too much time to draw things on my own.
I've been drawing caricatures lately for some extra cash on the weekends. It's pretty fun actually. A lot of people look at caricaturing as a lame tourist-trap art form that takes no real artistic talent. Well, true, I don't get out the oils and brushes to draw funny faces; there's no decisions to make about color temperature or atmospheric perspective. But it does take a trained eye to see the features of a face to express them in a funny (yet not insulting) way. It's fun. I don't go as far to do the bodies holding footballs artistic pride is still telling me to hold back on that. (that's where it turns into a gimmick for me) But I see each person as a model in a figure class in which I'm doing head studies. I get all kinds of shapes and sizes. Plus I get to meet some interesting people. Plus...I'm my own art director; there's hardly anybody that doesn't like what they get when I reveal their drawing (even if I hate it), they're just looking for a laugh.
So, NO. It's not the glorious job I was hoping for when I graduated. However it helps pay the bills and keeps me drawing. I'm in a sort of limbo anyways with my wife being in grad school here in TX. Booooo. So hopefully that glory-job is still to come.
Below are some samples I've been playing with. I've been experimenting with an airbrush lately. I'm hoping to start doing caricatures (and other random "money grabbers") on t shirts soon and pull in a bit more money. Surprisingly, after all the training and practice at school and the 2 jobs I've had since, people still love the cheesy crap. And who am I to argue with someone that wants to give me $30 for a t-shirt with there name on it?
Some of these aren't my best work ever...and frankly, I'm surprised I even posted a couple of them, but hey, we learn most from the failures, right? right!
Take care

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